Transparent management of your portfolio. 

We provide full or partial property management to a number of clients, both local and national. Our rates are fair and reasonable and usually rechargeable to the tenant.

The field of commercial landlord and tenant law is highly complex and each situation will vary from others in one facet or another.

Using an expert does help you avoid difficult situations and we are here to help.

Our property management services include:

  • Rental valuation and reporting on comparable evidence;

  • Negotiation of rent reviews including service of notices and third party determination, where required (we try to avoid this expensive latter process by providing good evidence to the other side);

  • Lease renewal negotiations including service of notices and court arbitration; this includes both negotiating the new rental and the terms of the new lease;
  • Lease assignments / sub-lettings – advice to landlords / tenants. Please note that it is usual that the landlord will have to consent to such a transaction and we will undertake appropriate negotiations.
  • Structural alterations – we advise on ensuring that these are carried out in accordance with landlords’ requirements and that architectural are services provided where required;
  • Dilapidations (repairs) – tenants will almost certainly have serious repairing obligations to the premises that they occupy. These may be internal or fully repairing and landlords from time to time are entitled to serve Schedules of Dilapidations to protect their investments. The law varies depending on whether this is during the term of the lease or at the end of the lease and it is important to have the appropriate advice;
  • Solicitor liaison – in all matters, where appropriate, we are happy to liaise with clients’ solicitors to ensure a satisfactory outcome.