We carry out all types of asbestos surveys and provide our clients with a detailed report. We are experts in identifying asbestos and pride ourselves on our easy to understand asbestos surveys and reports.


What is asbestos?

  • Asbestos is the single biggest occupational killer in the UK (c.5000 per year (HSE)
  • Any building built prior to 1999 may contain asbestos
  • You can’t tell if a material contains asbestos simply by looking at it
  • Asbestos was used in many different ways prior to 1999 and most people are unaware they may be living with asbestos
  • If we identify asbestos is in your building, we’ll identify its type and understand its condition. You can then choose to safely remove it or safely contain it knowing it won’t be disturbed
  • Materials identified as containing asbestos that are in good condition can usually be made safe and easily managed by property owners and managers

How can we help?

Your asbestos survey will identify and provide you with recommendations for the suitable management of any Asbestos containing materials.


If you would like to organise an asbestos report, please email us with your property address, contact information and a suitable date and time and we will attend.