Sellers’ Questionnaire

Any additional information you can provide about your property will be useful to the survey process. Please answer what you can, if you don’t know the answer please leave the box blank. We can provide a paper version of this form on request. Thank you.


Your name (the Vendor) *
Your name (the Vendor)
Is the property constructed using any particular system or using non-traditional materials (e.g. concrete or steel framed, etc.)
Leave blank if NO.
What is the tenure – freehold or leasehold?
• How many years until expiry? • What is the ground rent? • What is the service charge?
Are there any rights of way over the property?
Is there any shared access to the gardens or grounds
Leave blank if NO
Leave blank if NO
Leave blank if NO
Has the road to the property been adopted by the local authority or is it privately owned?
Is the property a ‘listed building’ or is it in a conservation area?
Are there any tree preservation orders on trees within the grounds?
To your knowledge, has the property (or any neighbouring property) been affected by Japanese Knotweed or any other invasive plant?
Please add any comments in the section at the end of this form.
If yes, please give details.
Do you know if there are any bats in the property?
Please state where - thanks!
Leave blank if NO.
Have you carried out any structural alteration and/or repair work or added an extension, converted a loft, etc?
• What did this involve? • What date did you do this? • Did you obtain building regulation approval and planning permission? If yes to the above, do you have the appropriate documentation?
Leave blank if NO.
Leave blank if NO.
• Electricity; • Mains water or a private water supply/mains drainage or a private sewerage system; • Mains gas, LPG, oil, solid fuel; and • Solar, wind, heat pumps, and so on.
When was the electrical system installed/replaced/tested/serviced/altered? Do you have any certification?
When was the main heating system installed / replaced / tested / serviced / altered? Do you have any certification?
• Where is the tank? • How big is it? • How often is it emptied? • Where does it discharge? Do you have a discharge permit? • Do you have any invoices or certificates?
• What is the source? • What treatment method is used? • Has the water quality been recently assessed?
I have checked the above information and can confirm it is accurate. *